Queen Rounded Mattress

Queen Rounded Mattress

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Queen Rounded

Marli Queen Mattress has been specifically designed to be used in any caravan that offers a mattress with rounded corners in the Queen size bed.

If you love getting out in your van to see our amazing country and all of the sights it has to offer but struggle with your innerspring mattress that came with your van, then look no further!!! Our Marli Queen is that answer that you have been looking for. Made up of full foam designed to cradle to your bodies natural curves, you will be sleeping like you never have before under the stars in the middle of the outback.

The best part about our Marli Queen that you will not find anywhere else is the potential 8KG weight saving from your conventional innerspring queen. Most innerspring mattresses for caravaning weighing 26kg on average, our Marli Queen is a featherweight at just 18kgs, giving you room for more of the finer things in life… You can thank us later with that extra beer you have popped in!!


Breathable materials

The Marli technology offers innovative breathable materials for your exquisite comfort. The Expander was designed to be compact and lightweight perfectly designed for 1 or 2 people to be able to take off on holiday in a moments notice.

Movement and back support

Our mattress will contour and cushion your entire body for optimal spinal alignment, this means no more tossing and turning leaving you sore and tired in the morning. Movement is no longer a problem and the materials used absorbs the movement of your partner's side meaning less disruption for you and a night of better night sleep. 


Hypoallergenic fabrics are basically those that were created without any harmful chemical substance, which have been known to be the main trigger for irritation and allergic reactions. Should you choose a Hypoallergenic mattress? Our verdict is yes. If you have a chance to go for hypoallergenic fabric, especially for your clothing and home use, always go for it. They will not only be good for your skin and health, but you are also doing the environment a favor, by choosing fabrics that were naturally and ethically made.

Dust Mites

Bedding is a haven for dust mites, thousands of which can feed, breed, and live on a single gram of dust. Allergy-proof bedding -- covers for mattresses, pillows, and duvets -- are routinely recommended by allergists to prevent inhaling the dust that carries mite droppings, causing allergies and worsening asthma. We choose to use dust mite resilient mattress covers to protect your health!

Bamboo Covers

The clever, breathable bamboo fabric is exceptionally good in a wide range of temperatures so that the sleeper can relax and be nice and cool in the summer and feel cosy and warm in the winter months. Bamboo fabric is very strong and amazingly resilient for such a soft-feeling material.

5 Year manufacture warranty

We believe in our product! The research is done and we believe Marli is the best quality caravan and travel mattress available on the market, because of this we offer a 5 year replacement manufacturer warranty.  


What are the benefits??  Well let us tell you…

  • Body Contouring
  • Spinal Support
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable
  • Adjust to body temperature
  • Movement transference is ZERO due to the foam mattress technology
  • 6cm Memory Foam Topper on a low density supportive high quality foam
  • Firm side and soft side - you choose which you like better
  • Bamboo washable covers
  • No dips or sagging in the mattress
  • 5 year unlimited warranty

    Whats the Specs? 

    • Length 1940mm
    • Width 1520mm
    • Height - 150mm
    • Weight - 18kgs 

    Price - $1,990 inc GST

    This also includes delivery to any address within Australia!!

    What are you waiting for- get your Marli Queen Mattress on the way to you TODAY!